Greenwood Art Project

“Resilience III” 16 x 20 2020 collage on paper N. Masani Landfair

“Though these works focus on the children of Greenwood that survived the massacre, the faces holding resilience through the trauma experienced are universal. Unfortunately, we see their faces in children present day surviving the loss of their parents due to unchecked police brutality and continued racism that remains a threat to our right of freedom and a quality life.” N. Masani Landfair

graphic design by///tupa©knows
“The Greenwood Art Project is an initiative of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre Centennial Commission. Its purpose is to add a cultural component to the many activities and programs the Centennial Commission will host during the centennial year.
The goal of the Greenwood Art Project is to be a catalyst for uniting the city of Tulsa by working with artists, residents, leaders, organizations, and businesses to elevate awareness of Greenwood’s history, focusing on the 1921 Tulsa Massacre and the once thriving Black Wall Street. 
The Greenwood Art Project strives to create art that activates the community towards healing from our history, rebuilding, and re-cultivating Greenwood Avenue in the most beautiful and authentic way. “

COMING MAY 31st 2021 • GREENWOOD ART PROJECT • AN IMPULSE TO KEEP • with Rick Lowe William Cordova Jerica D. Wortham Marlon Hall African Ancestral Society Jimmy Friday Michael Mikeal Vaughn Tiffany Crutcher Bobby Eaton Therese Anderson Aduni Casey McLerran Mary L. Williams Courtney Skipper Deborah J. Hunter Artista Dawn Tree Katherine Penny Mitchell Kenesha Daniels Tulsa Modern Movement Ebony Iman Dallas Yielbonzie Charles Johnson Tatyana Fazlalizadeh Candace G. Wiley Myiesha Gordon Beales Deborah A. Richards Alexander Tamahn Stevie Johnson Phetote Mshairi Charles Cissel Crystal Z Campbell Maybelle Wallace Anthony C. Brinkley Derick Tinsley L.L Joi McCondichie Sarah Ahmad Jessica Harvey Ryan N. Dennis Lauren Kelley Teri Elam Leon Waters  Samantha Hill  Aldeide Delgado Puebla  Adrienne Chadwick  Jackie Clay Monique Moss  Johanna Faith-Kapwa Almiron  Marie Vickles  Tiffany Barber Makeba Dixon-Hill  Colette Gaiter Evan Garza Gean Moreno  Amy Rosenblum Martín  Gia Hamilton Edwidge Danticat  Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts Adrienne Edwards Christina Beatty Ari Christopher

#AmericanPortraitPBS is excited to present three groundbreaking public art projects. Inspired by stories shared on our site, and the unique individual and community narratives of the artists, each piece offers new perspectives on the journeys that brought us here and the paths that lie before us.

Three renowned artists bring their unique expressions to New York, Dallas, and Tulsa.

@swoonhq‘s “The House our Families Built” — a roving, mobile sculpture — asks us to consider the legacies we carry forward and the legacies we make a conscious choice to leave behind. Find it at @brooklynbridgeparkthis Saturday and Sunday! @thirteenwnet

Rick Lowe’s (@projectrowhouses) “G.A.P VAN,” part of the, is a traveling van and multi-use, collaborative mobile art exhibition and workshop space that invites residents of Tulsa to share personal narratives through artmaking and education, featuring posters submitted by local artists and participants in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Find the van in Tulsa from Jan. 18 – May 15. @oetaok

@c.ramirez2323‘s “Altar to a Dream” draws from his personal and family history, expressing the experience of migrant populations as a central focus. Using his signature bright colors, murals, readymade objects, and neon, he creates an homage and space of worship out of the artifacts common to this journey. Find it at 1601 Main Street, Dallas, TX from Jan. 29 – Feb. 14 @keratx

Learn more about the #AmericanPortraitPBS public art project at”

“Resilience 2” 2020 N. Masani Landfair Photo by Jenee Staicer

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