Curated by MARC LEPSON

We live in varying states of isolation; self-imposed, government-imposed. Isolation constructed by science, by knowledge, by fear; by concern for ourselves, those we love, or for those most vulnerable. Some find peace in isolation, while some are isolated against their will or trapped in violent relationships. Those who cannot stay at home must navigate every human interaction through barriers – physical, social, and mental. The work of these artists points us to the emotive aspects of isolation; a heightened experience of self. We witness isolation as a potentially rich place – meditative, healing. A dreamy world with blurred borders between ordinary and visionary.

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“above it all” 2019 6.5 x 4.5 collage on paper
“broken home (what’s left on the curb)” 2019 6.5 x 4 collage on paper
“Holding space in isolation” 2020 6.5 x 4.5 collage on paper

isolation is subconsciously healing

In the recent past, hypothetical questions of isolation to bring to the surface fears, hurts, and traumas could be asked in comfort. Trivial thoughts of what sounded right to say or think could trickle out, as thoughts of what will I do later or wanting to stroll through social media preoccupied overall. In the recent past the majority of people knew the time spent on this type of introspection would soon be over, one may be a little deeper in spirit, but no closer to real healing. Now we are here, in the quasi windowless doorless rooms with little to really distract us, not even the latest social media challenge. We are face to face with ourselves, our community, our world and as scary as it may be, it is actually peaceful. The majority of us are home and taking care when we have to travel about for essentials. Aspects of the environment are changing. Resting or the space to strategize is the main to do in our daily lives.

As we face new ways in the emerging from shelter in place and coping with the losses of a system that was never meant to succeed for the whole, we have time to deal with what needs to heal, adjust, purge, and act on what works best for ourselves as individuals in order for what is the best for all to progress. I may be bias as an introverted creative, but accepting isolation long or short term is a healing. There may never be a time again when we can do this en masse and still have access to one another. Send in the form of your beliefs thoughts to those in isolation due to false imprisonment, domestic violence, homelessness, refugees, those that suffer from mental illness, and those whose work outside home is essential. Their isolation is a form of healing on a more difficult level. 

healing subconsciously is isolation

N. M. Landfair 4-2020

“above it all”

“above it all” 2019 6.5 x 4.5 collage on paper


broken home (what’s left on the curb)”

broken home (what’s left on the curb)” 2019 6.5 x 4 collage on paper


“holding space in isolation”

2020 6.5 x 4.5 collage on paper


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