detail “leaf letter / undulate (we are Water / all Water connects)” N.M. Landfair 2020 for A.I.M. 1

“leaf letter / undulate (we are Water / all Water connects)” shapes tangible facts and actions to create the connection of human/nature waterways and the need for all people to be accountable in small to substantial daily actions. 


“The A.I.M. Biennial presents site specific installations created by local artists responding to the historically layered landscapes, landmarks, architecture, and communities of South Florida during Miami Art Week 2020.”

A.I.M. is:  

Art in Movement • Art is Matter • Andedan ici Mwen • Activism is Movement 

 Ahora imagina Movimiento • Acabamos iniciar Machetes •Art in Miami…

Miami, FL – (October 12,  2020)

The A.I.M. Biennial, presented during Miami Art Week 2020, will feature site-specific installations throughout South Florida, created by local cultural practitioners, including visual artists, dancers, activists and performers and more, who represent the diversity of communities that make up South Florida in response to historically layered landscapes, landmark locations, urban vernacular architecture, the Everglades and the diverse communities of our region. With an emphasis on ritual, monuments and shrines, artists will select locations that may include abandoned warehouses, buildings, parks, rivers and more. 

A.I.M. Biennial proposes a democratic platform and outlet for artists to respond to current events in a way that supports a collective act of meditating, healing and transcending. The A.I.M project is based on channeling creative drive to address concerns and major topics of the day while creating a forum for projects that are based on resourcefulness rather than budgets. The locations and economy of the materials chosen by artists will address the tenor of our times; the social political impact of polarized racial dissent, police brutality, as well as the political, emotional and economic toll of Covid-19.

Installations created by artists will be ephemeral, temporal pieces documented via photography. They will be accompanied by essays written by local writers and critics.  The documentation of A.I.M. Biennial  will be presented in a full color publication that will be distributed for free to the public at arts institutions throughout the city for the duration of December.  

Organizers: william cordova (cultural practitioner, NY/Miami) Marie Vickles (Education director Perez Art Museum / Curator Little Haiti Cultural Center) Gean Moreno (Director, Knight Foundation Art + Research Center at Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami), Mikhaile Solomon (Curator / Director of Prizm Art Fair)

Locations: Homestead, Dade, Broward, Palm Beach Counties, Seminole Indian Reservation. Satellite locations in Georgia, Tallahassee and Texas.

Dates: December 1st – December 31, 2020


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