transceivers: channels, outlets and forces


transceivers: channels, outlets and forces

Curated by William Cordova

Transceivers: channels, outlets and forces curated by cultural practitioner William Cordova focuses on the intersections between futurism, ritual and the folkloric. Three intersecting themes that are fluid and constantly transmitting, receiving, informing and forming our contemporary space. Psychiatrist, philosopher and writer Franz Fanon wrote “In every society, in every collectivity, exists – must exist – a channel, an outlet through which the forces accumulated in the forms of aggression can be released.” This collective catharsis Fanon described manifests itself through different forms of creativity.

Exhibiting Artists: Nyame Brown, Yanira Collado, Deborah Willis, Charo Oquet, Onajide Shabaka, N.Masani Landfair and the late Purvis Young have a shared agency that their work embodies; cultural, social, political, and spiritual currencies.

Each Artist will have a site-specific installation that responds to the tenor of the times. They are like a two-way radio, our social transceivers, architects designing alternative forms of achieving a “collective catharsis.”

-william cordova


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