N. Masani Landfair is a visual artist and poet.

A Professional Creative for over 20 years. She has read at poetry events in her native Chicago, where she also studied poetry at Columbia College. Landfair infuses her love and research of the arts, environmentalism, social issues, psychological, and transcendent studies into her written works.

She currently resides and works between Chicago and Northern Georgia and is working on he first book of poetry titled:”a seat by the window before i leave” to be published in 2020

 A limited group of poems will be featured here bi-monthly here.

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“self betrayed martyr”

twisted turn before the fall 

eyes center on the tip of the blade

lids shield pain 

not yet felt

mild warm intrusion

new sensation of tactile matter tearing

through a sacredness never meant to be exposed

in this world

one wonders why so little time was spent

exploring the inner world 

why men look to the stars

when the oceans are full of them

one wonders 

as the ground grows a closer

what was trusted

accepting the misdirection

within and without

despair and anger escape in narrow tears

one wonders 

as the ground comforts the soft intrusion

how the betrayal on one’s own soul

can be justified to have opportunity to come back

over and over

inciting apathy to revisit swords to sacredness

in forms of future presence 

over and over

One makes an oath 

never again wanting to grow cold

on colder ground:

return in any form and 

be a current in the lesson

no longer remain broken 

in the betrayal 

of one’s own purpose

2019  © N. Masani Landfair. 

“Lessons from brick walls”

her only purpose 

in my life

was to knock on my door

and tell me to trust again

accepted the message

but not the messenger

and allowed the tug

to trust 

knocking on doors

with no expectations

2019 © N. Masani Landfair. 

“noon is neutral”

noon is neutral

not eager

nor procrastination 

noon is the 

care about you hour

the space the heart speaks

looking to nurture our hunger 

many wake from off schedule slumber

self conscious in feeling the day is half over

that type of time 

does not exist

in the heart over mind

2019 © N. Masani Landfair. 

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