“catch 22 II” 2020 N. Masani Landfair for Fifth Estate

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poetry n. masani landfair

“predestined serendipity”

 what if it is all completed
 all done
 every dream wish fantasy achievement
 every taste touch 
 sight to be seen
 every smell of foreign shores
 scent of the adventured day 
 the touch as you lay your head on his arm to recall 
 and the recall remembers the day you sat and thought 
 of all the things you wanted to do only to accept that 
 they were done the second you thought of them
 that it is all completed and our lives are just a struggle 
 to turn pages of our memory book


 1:50 pm  2 18 2020
“negro unicorn”

 the pain fuels her 
 to drive away
 before shaking the 
 limited soul
 of lost basic bitches
 that steal to maintain
 what will never exist
 within them and their 
 limited future generations

 she has learned
 her power and ability that
 moves her even when she 
 seeks shelter
 in the nearest hidden place where
 she sinks into acceptance that
 her skin is a solar panel and shield
 an infinite byte of unimagined binary
 leaving hacks to trap those arrogant 
 enough to test her lineage 
 birthed from purity

 she smiles in the knowing 

 smiles as the meek and 
 fruitless dance mechanical 
 before her, blaming her 
 for showing them their 
 portrait of dorian grey

 she smiles walking away
 to the work that is needed
 to the work that is good
 knowing if she has to pass that way again
 the ruins will be all that remain
 and despite her integrity
 she will spit on the ashes
 the last remnants of pain she may hold


 2:05am 9 14 2020

N. Masani Landfair is a visual artist and poet.

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