Incipient / Ash

as the first drop of blood 
hits hallowed land
they stand 
heart emotionless
towards those that move
in rhythm with the earth 
rooted to stay at one with her
they stand
they conquer
and through generations
we suffer but defy the pain
and continue to muster
the breath to just be

she stands in shadows
she hears the beat and connection
but is too interrupted for a shared pulse 
the roots are forced to duplicate stagnant wounds

they stand 
and we have no resting
they stand 
and we still lay gasping
at air rich in iron and the 
mocking stare of the child left behind

stand not recognizing her
stand not weary of 
knowing smile 
stand arrogantly consumed in forever days 
of bloodlust, lashings, brutality,
denial, and a systematic reproach of the 
thin thread of sway she abides to the earth

stands by the side of the road
speaks past the warning she is told
and the spark growing blood orange ambers
in her veins manifest the origin of the last fire
making the downward spiral to degraded soil

blood feeds the fire
winds lash temporal skin 
trees crack open with shorten cries
she rages a fine brutality 
systematically delivering land 
out of deceptive borders 
they no longer hold space to stand 
forced back into the ocean

lays on torched land
soft rains raise hidden minerals
smoldering and glowing
is feared by many 
lost in their distress distrusting this
new formed terrain

the few knowing
cultivate her 
connecting her veins 
deep into the newly birthed soil
placing remaining ambers 
of the last fire 
in protective covens

they dance gentle on her body
and sing a mocking 
of the beat that connected us all
so few generations ago

is moist
is devoted to those knowing

lays new seeds
to give and forgive 
all that slowly
stand in the view holding 
the thickening thread of sway 

final release is a vow 
to never let another drop of blood 
hit hallowed land.

N. Masani Landfair is a visual artist and poet.

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