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i rarely dream of people i know


in those occasions

i wake with the impression

of a love one or lover would be

i close my eyes and recall like a movie screen

the important moments

spoken messages


words written in gibberish

learning that only frequencies in sounds matter

i open my eyes with the valuable content

displayed on the ceiling

to decipher and foretell too

i awaken to my surroundings

accepting the fading of the recall

pleased with the bits and pieces

i re-member together

in my inner happiness of the affirmations

visitations, visions, building sub-basements,

subways, hidden apartment rooms

railroad tracks, passive gangs that guide,

lovers that hold, and new spaces

that let me know an end is near.


2018  © N. Masani Landfair. 



the Walk


beyond the scope

my cells center

prayer heals

i go lightly

to baba yaga

to the forest

to the waters

dropping regrets

as i walk


along the way

along the way

i meet you


2013 © N. Masani Landfair. 






laid down late

laid on my stomach

laid on my arm

heard my heartbeat

what if this sound is the last thing I hear

what of my son

what is his base

I never want to make him cry

I ask my heart

to beat on for

i love and feel love

i recognize my choice in the matter

i choose to stay

long after his base

has been firmly planted.

woke on my side

woke way pass noon

woke accepting the rest

my heart needed to choose a new day.


2018 © N. Masani Landfair. 


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