and/or” (contradictions/truths)

February 2020 / by N. Masani Landfair


“up out/down in”






“snow in/shot in”






During  2020, monthly online exhibitions of stories, ideas,  the hidden,  and things present will be curated through photography on this page. Thank you all for the positive feedback.

A small numbered of signed limited edition prints will be available of each photograph. Images will be printed on Fuji Deep Matte Paper and are unframed.

 limited edition signed 8 x 10 $22.00 

 limited edition signed 5 x 7 $16.00

To add to or Start a new collection email at: for a prompt reply and order. (free shipping in the U.S.)  

Again Thank You

Feel free to leave comments below and share on social media with #nmasanilandfair

New Instagram Page for my photography:

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The images and work on this website are copyrighted and

may not be downloaded or reproduced.


  1. Thank you for sharing and being so vulnerable. It was/is really beautiful seeing your journey. Learning your resilience. I felt Proud and happy and relieved to see “safe”. You’re brilliant and beautiful.

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