New Patron Saints / Silent Smiles

Thank you to all that have visited and supported and to those that could not make the opening, visit us in the last two weeks of these show.

new works by Renee Baker N. Masani Landfair

Extended to May 4, 2019

Join us for screenings with original scores by Renee Baker

May 3, 2019 6-10 p.m. & May 4, 2019 3-8 p.m.


March 1, 2019 to April 15, 2019 (Original dates)

2 person show

Renee Baker and N. Masani Landfair

Phantom Gallery  436 E. 47th St. Chicago Suite #205

Dinner and wine reception:March 1, 2019 6pm to 9pm

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 1.06.54 PM

“New Patron Saints”

new works on paper by N. Masani Landfair

  The project New Patron Saints by artist N. Masani Landfair is a series of works on paper created as an exercise asserting themes relating the invisible/visible. Where ancestors from the African diaspora syncretized and hid their Orishas (Gods and Goddesses) behind christian saints. Landfair’s approach is focused on the meditation and possibility that these works propose to viewers rather than assign any particular idea or cause of the women observed in these works on paper. Many of the works will address the life struggles, gifts, abilities, talents, challenges, and discrimination of black women. The plight of their perseverance proposes a complex presence with multiple meanings and guardianship. New Patron Saints intersects different works from Masani’s prolific and expansive oeuvre that sheds light upon historical narratives; stories, directions, plans and lessons.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 1.09.00 PM

Silent Smiles: Interior Invisibility
Renée Baker, artist
Works on Paper

“I wonder sometimes whether it would have made any difference to the decisions she made if she’d known it. I feel sad that she didn’t know it. But to keep trying to second-guess such things is pointless and depressing… that way madness lies. It’s best to just let it go and smile at the silliness of her and at all the thought-less fun she had, because once she was me, and somewhere inside myself I am still her. -Helen Walmsley-Johnson

Women live, love, struggle and disappear
Sometimes literally but most often inside the mind that has listened to countless messages and low are not enough.

Women cry, touch, embrace and survive.

Do we ever believe that we’re pretty, worthy of love, fresh, wise, deserving..after a mirror encounter?

You are more than enough..women are born to a plentiful shout th hat often we don’t hear’s flighty and breeze bound.

It’s in and out.Every moment.

In and out.

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