AL(L)TER CURRENTS is our soft introduction in the discipline and methods we will continue to cultivate in the arts. We present at Alena Museum, uncompromising artist whose work intellectually and emotionally bridges the many currents our people cross through in past and present time.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 3.28.04 PM.png

Join us November 16, 2018 6 pm to 10 pm at ALENA MUSEUM for the soft introduction to AL(L)TER. Co-founded by Asya Abdrahman and N. Masani Landfair Al(l)ter Currents will feature local Oakland, CA. Artist and ALENA Residential Artist.


N. Masani Landfair
Asya Abdrahman
Cadence Myles Band
Sharika Gregory & Iya’siezhe Authentic Mother Son Sounds,
Melanin Buford-Deadeyes
Seven Asefaha
Danae Fitchet


“Art as Momentum, Incubating generative resolutions to the present.”

AL(L)TER as momentum to regenerate and heal the core thoughts, actions, spirit, body, community, and whole people of color through art, science, and sustainability. People of color are centuries deep in the colonization and trauma that continues to this day. The near core of our DNA has been altered to struggle in fear and degradation, but our essence is that of a resilient people that also for centuries and generations have thrived in knowing our genius, progressive, and unlimited creative nature. 



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