Artist in Residence.

As the Artist in Residence for Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab and Youth Garden our first Major Public Art project in the Garden is being created by Faheem Majeed. Faheem mentioned to me that he was working on a shack project and I told him about the Garden. So now the first stage of the Sacred Keepers Youth Garden Shack is being built. This is and will be an exciting project ongoing through November.

Shack by Faheem Majeed
Shack by Faheem Majeed


Statement about the Project:

Blanc Gallery and Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab welcomes Chicago Artist Faheem Majeed as he introduces the “Shacks and Shanties” project to Bronzeville.  Shacks and Shanties is a multifaceted ongoing installation initiative.  The project will serve as a temporary home and collaborative platform for artist interventions, performances, civically engaged community members, and organizations.

Constructed primarily with recycled and re-purposed materials found within the community, Shacks & Shanties seeks to awaken in people the desire to proactively shape and define their own immediate environment while considering access and engagement.

The first phase of the project takes place over the summer at Sacred Keepers Youth Garden at 48th and King Drive.  This community garden project has been designed to incorporate the best practices of natural conservation and sustainable landscaping.  One of Majeed’s “Shacks”  will be installed, with site specific/inspired design to thoroughly consider the idea of preservation as it relates to repurposed materials, nature, and culture.  A variety of artists and organizations will be invited to this first phase  and asked to interrogate the interface of public and private space and their role in activating community spaces.

The second phase of the project, which takes place during Chicago Artists month, moves Shacks and Shanties into Blanc, a fine art gallery also in Bronzeville.  Majeed and his collaborative partners will migrate aspects of the spontaneous art interactions created in the garden into the gallery space.  This move from open community space to a more formal institution transforms the audience from participant to observer and Majeed will explore how the art itself changes.

Shack detail photo by N. Masani
Shack detail photo by N. Masani


I will post a more details of events surrounding the shacks. Much Love.



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